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Porquerolles Island

Ile de Porquerolles


Porquerolles is the biggest of the three Îles d'Or of the Hyères Bay; 7 km of long and 3 km of large, this is also the most inhabited and visited isle.

Be careful with the weather!


It is advisable to have a very good anchorage with chain and line of good length.


The mistral can come up rapidly and blow very hard.


In this case, the most careful is to join the port. Otherwise, secure well the anchorage either in front of the plage d'Argent, or at the bight of the Bon Renaud, or when you come out of the port in the corner of Pointe Prime, and keep watch on the boats close to you... In case of strong western wind, drop the anchor at the west of the Pointe du Lequin. There is no adequate shelter on the southern coast, and no shelter against the eastern wind.


To appreciate the Porquerolles Island, you can rent bikes for one day (detailed map provided over there)


Places to visit: the lighthouse, the fortresses (Agathe, Léquin, Langoustier, Repentance and its old monk...). Come also to meet the artisans of the island!